Who we are?

We’re a couple living and working in London. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpets, but we’re quite healthy human beings. Apart from our weaknesses (excessive amounts of dark chocolate and the occasional real ale), we eat very well and work out 5 days a week. We love health and fitness so much that we’ve decided to spend our free time educating others on how they can discover better versions of themselves.

We’ve come to discover that pursuing natural solutions and preventions is the most reliable way to achieve your health and fitness goals, and a large part of that involves cleaning out the cupboards (kitchen and bath) and stocking up on organic essentials. However, we know that  health-craze gimmicks and marketing ploys abound, so we value honest, evidence-based facts about what works and what doesn’t, what’s bad and what’s not-so-bad and, in general, what’s truly worth your time. A chemist and an economist, we aim to provide hard science and reliable sources so you can trust our material to sort the rubbish from the reason.

What do we like to do?

To be blunt; 

  • Travel
  • Sport
  • Play
  • Cook
  • Eat what we cook
  • Learn new stuff
  • Drink upside down

Can we help you?

We’re constantly building a library of articles, recipes, exercises, diets and general advice in order to become a comprehensive source for  organic living. If we haven’t gotten around to the health or fitness topic you need please get in touch with us and we can either share not-yet-shared knowledge or embark on a new research quest of knowledge!

will and emily