10 Ways To Balance Your Hormones

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Human life literally teeters on a knife edge, not only are we hurtling through the cosmos on a piece of rock we are also governed by small dosages of hormones produced in our endocrine glands. Just small fluctuations in any one of the production cycles can cause weird consequences. Everything from energy levels and mood […]

Natural Inflammation Relief

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We’ve written before on relief for arthritis, which is a specific type of inflammation. Here we will discuss the natural ways to help relieve general inflammatory issues. Inflammation is the body’s way of beginning the healing process from damaged cells, pathogens (a biological agent that causes damage or disease) or irritants. These natural remedies will manage […]

How to Treat Eczema Naturally

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Eczema is a relatively generic term for a set of skin conditions that are caused by inflammation. Today, over 35 million people suffer from this chronic and often heredity condition. While there are multiple medications and therapies, today we will briefly discuss some of these options and then explore some of the homeopathic and natural […]

Homeopathic Remedies for Arthritis

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Arthritis is considered an ageing disease but 2/3s of its sufferers are under the age of 65.  As many as 50 million Americans are struck with its devastating effects each year. Which means 1 in 5 Americans over the age of 45 will be affected by the condition to some extent.   Arthritis Overview There […]

Chinese Herbs: Do They Really Work For Weight Loss

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It is currently estimated that 35% of all Americans are obese.  Billions of dollars are spend on weight loss programs, including weight watchers, nutria-system as well as many herbal supplements. It’s one of the most profitable businesses to be in as there are no shortage of people overweight.  For centuries, the Chinese have had a […]

How To Improve Short Term Memory

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Long term memory has become more and more topical over the last decade, with dementia cases set to rise threefold over the next 50 years¹. Much has been said about improving long term brain function and keeping these ever more prevalent diseases as bay. But there is very little really being talked about when it […]